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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Experiencing an unexpected motor vehicle accident can be very traumatizing, both physically and emotionally. Left untreated, injuries sustained can have long-lasting negative health effects to your body.  For optimal recovery, seek treatment as soon as possible after the accident, with health practitioners who specialize in rehabilitation.  Often, symptoms of injuries from a motor vehicle collision do not appear immediately after the crash. Regardless of how minor your injuries are, you should receive immediate care to maximize your rehabilitation  and return more quickly to a state of better health. Timely assessment is also key to accessing insurance coverage for treatments through your insurance provider.

At Life Total Wellness Centre, our knowledgeable and skilled health care practitioners work collaboratively together to identify your acute health needs, and create a plan of care that will best guide you in your recovery. We will also provide you with support, assisting you through the processes of working with your insurance provider. Your recovery is our #1 priority!






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Most of our services may be covered by your insurance company.  Contact your insurance provider today, to see whether or not you are covered.

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